Our program will begin the beginning of October!  “Just For Me” is an alternative to preschool, a playgroup for parents & children (18 mos. to 3 yrs) who do not want the pressure of attending a structured program, but are ready for more than our Mommy & Me classes and OPEN PLAY. We provide an introduction to learning skills, independence and social awareness through art, music and social play. At “Just For Me” playgroup, children will be able to explore the world around them. They will test their independence, fire up their imagination and create a foundation to build lasting relationships. We will explore numbers, letters and nature through books, songs, playing and activities. Children will discover the world around them and expand their individual abilities and skills in a safe, nurturing environment. Our main goal and concentrations are for your child to become independent and sociable so that the adjustment into pre-school is smooth and anxiety free for both child and parent.

This is a 2 1/2 hour drop – off program.

The teacher is Loretta Marotto who taught 2, 3 & 4yr olds at Carousel Corner Preschool in Brooklyn for over 10 years. She also taught Kindergarten thru 6th grade in the Bronx and substituted in pre-K thru 3rd grade at St. Anselm Elementary School. She is assisted by Miss Maggie who taught pre-school at Lutheran Medical Day Care for over 20 years.

1 and 2 day a Week program

Wednesdays from 11:00 am to 1:30 pm

Prices are:


$60 - 1 day

$110 - 2 days


$230 - 1 day week

$430 - 2 days a week

$100 one time registration fee per child (non-refundable)

(10 % Sibling discount)

Payment due on the first day of each week

Must have at least 4 children enrolled to begin group!